TekNano-15 – 15kW Laboratory Scale Nano Particle Synthesis Equipment.

​Making nanomaterials has never been so easy

TekNano-15 from Tekna Plasma Systems is an ideal laboratory equipment for synthesis of a wide range of nano materials. Tekna’s patented process is based on induction plasma technology allowing in-flight vaporization and rapid condensation of the precursor which can produce high quality nanopowder efficiently and economically.

A wide range of materials such as non-stoichiometric compounds, ceramics, alloys and metals can be synthesized. In addition, the TekNano-15 has the flexibility to handle different precursors such as gases, suspensions, liquids and powder.

The unit is compact and designed to fit in all laboratory. The interlocks with safety alarms and built-in hood ensure operator safety while collecting nanomaterials. The research carried out in the 15kW unit can be easily scaled-up in production to higher power levels.

Key Features

The main features of the TekNano-15 include:

  • Controllable particle size
  • Acute control of material chemistry via plasma gases.
  • High purity process
  • Batch collection
  • Process scalable up to 200kW
  • User friendly, easy-to-use and clean.
  • Compact with minimum footprint

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