Highly Sensitive Electrical Characterization - ResiScope II AFM

CSI’s ResiScope II AFM is a unique dual measurement system that is capable of measuring current and resistance over 10 decades with a high resolution and sensitivity. It can be integrated with numerous dynamic modes as KFM single- pass (AC/MAC III) or MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) providing many sample characterization on the same scan area.

Measurements are possible by using a DC bias between a conductive AFM probe (tip at virtual ground) and the sample. The tip scans in contact mode using the laser deflection for the AFM feedback. The ResiScope II is an independent measurement system that can measure the sample resistance via the High Performance Amplifier (HPA).

Key Features

The main features of the ResiScope II AFM are:

  • Resistance 102 ohms to 1012 ohms (10 decades dynamic)
  • Current measurement (& IV spectroscopy)
  • Compatible with Oscillating mode (Tapping / AC mode )
  • Compatible with EFM/MFM or Single-pass KFM
  • Output information : R, Log R, Current & I/V Spectroscopy


The key applications of the ResiScope II AFM are:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Oxyde characterization
  • Semiconductors
  • All conductive characterization

Many AFM applications require conductive and resistance measurements at the nanoscale. The first conductive techniques based on contact mode were established with limited dynamic range. However, two additional capabilities were required by researchers:

  • large dynamic of measurement (8-10 decades).
  • Soft interaction to handle delicate samples such as biological samples and polymers.

CSInstruments developed a method involving a Nano-Observer AFM microscope equipped with a unique "Soft ResiScope" mode to perform measurements on a soft sample.

CSI’s Soft ResiScope AFM mode is designed to provide highly sensitive electrical characterization on delicates sample. The constant force of the tip and lack of friction on the sample enables quantitative measurements with no damage to the surface of fine samples.

CSI’s Soft ResiScope AFM mode, unique and advanced AFM mode can expand the fields of applications to soft samples such as conducting polymers, organic solar cells, or other biological samples, while retaining its broad measuring range (10 decades).

Key Features

  • Unique Technology
  • NO Friction
  • Constant Force = Quantitative Electrical Measurements

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