AFM Environments (Temperature, Liquids or Gas)

The Nano-Observer’s design will enable the instrument to be adapted for future developments, and additional modules can be created for more advanced analysis on the same sample.

There are three environments AFM modes : EZ TEMP, Environmental control and EZ Liquids AFM

The temperature control (EZ Temps from CSI) provides precise temperature and imaging during temperature modifications. It is suitable with standard AFM modes. A heating sample stage is offered to analyze phase changes on materials, polymers, or biological samples.

  • Ambiant to 200°C
  • Compatible with : Oscillating/contact modes, Environmental control, Liquids
  • Applications : Polymers, Biology, Materials…

EZ Liquids AFM - A liquid cell and tip holder are available for imaging in solution or force spectroscopy.

  • Oscillating and contact mode
  • Applications: Material science and biology

Environmental control - The Nano-Observer is built to provide environmental control (humidity, gases, etc.) to enhance user’s electrical measurements or shield the sample from oxidation.

  • Stable measurement for electrical characterization
  • Prevents contamination
  • ResiScope, KFM, CAFM
  • Applications: Electrical measurement
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