Probestation for Wafer-Level MEMS Testing - FT-MPS02

Mechanical, geometrical, and electrical properties of MEMS chips can be simultaneously tested rapidly and easily with the FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation.

The wafer-level MEMS testing instrument consists of a micromechanical testing module with a manual probestation, a multimeter, a motorized dual measurement microscope, and programmable voltage/current sources.

The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation not only features the capabilities of each of the four individual modules, but also has several other capabilities, thanks to the integration and synchronization of the modules in a single measurement system like the combined electro-mechanical testing.

The efficiency of MEMS development is greatly improved with the FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation by quantitatively characterizing the micromanufacturing process steps and providing feedback to optimize the mathematical simulations employed to design MEMS. In addition, the mechanical testing of MEMS prototypes can be directly performed on the wafer devoid of wire-bonding and wafer dicing.

Key Capabilities

  • Release and stiction detection, fabrication yield measurement
  • Etch-depth, over- and under-etch measurement
  • Electrical testing
  • Mechanical testing (in-plane / out-of-plane)
  • MEMS sensor and actuator testing and calibration

Key Applications

  • Mechanical MEMS testing to determine mechanical parameters, including topography, creep, yield strength, actuator force, deflection, hysteresis, adhesion force, linearity, Young’s modulus, and stiffness.
  • Testing of inertial and mechanical sensors, including piezoelectric cantilevers, tilt sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers, which produce electrical signals during the application of a mechanical load. The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation is used to characterize this relationship.
  • Testing of MEMS actuators, including resonators, autofocus mechanisms, scanners, switches, and micromirrors. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical force and mechanical motion by these actuators. The relationship between input signals and mechanical outputs can be characterized using the FT-MPS02.
  • Process characterization and yield rate testing.

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FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation

FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation
FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation
FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation
FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation

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