High-Speed CCD Camera with USB 3.0 Connection - INFINITY3-6UR

Lumenera’s INFINITY3-6UR is a high-speed, high-sensitivity 6MP resolution camera.

It is equipped with Sony’s ICX694 CCD sensor possessing high QE, high speed and high dynamic range.

The full resolution 6MP images can then be sent to a host computer with the aid of the plug and play USB 3.0 connection.

The INFINITY3-6UR’s 'R' grade designation is an excellent example of low-noise electronics with advanced thermal management methods and high-grade parts.

The camera offers 4.54 x 4.54µm pixels, minimal noise, exceptionally high dynamic range as it uses the Sony’s EXview HAD II sensor technology. There is a fourfold increase in sensitivity because of the 2x2 binning and at the same time a 1.5MP (1376 x 1096) resolution is provided.

The INFINITY3-6UR uses the most advanced USB 3.0 technology at 5Gb/sec so as to enable very rapid image transfer without reducing its highest resolution.

The captured image can be synchronized using a hardware or software trigger. 128MB onboard memory enables frame buffering, thereby ensuring reliable and stable image delivery at full frame rate and highest resolution even in even highly challenging units.

USB 3.0 is a suitable choice for microscopy as it is available on all current computers. The USB 3.0 along with plug-and-play connectivity allows easy installation.

The INFINITY3-6UR is equipped with Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE, which is an image capture and analysis software package. This package provides camera control, annotation, measurement, tiling and post capture enhancement.

The camera along with the software provides the complete microscopy imaging solution.

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To maximize the sensitivity of the new INFINITY3-6UR, Lumenera used a new larger 1” format Sony ICX694 sensor. With an approximately 50% larger active surface area than the ICX285 with 2/3

To maximize the sensitivity of the new INFINITY3-6UR, Lumenera used a new larger 1” format Sony ICX694 sensor. With an approximately 50% larger active surface area than the ICX285 with 2/3" optical format, this high resolution camera achieves a more-than-4x increase in resolution with a less-than-2x decrease in effective sensitivity.

Key Features

  • 27 frames per second (fps) at 6.0MP, 46fps (binned 2x2), 75fps at VGA (640 x 480)
  • Leading Sony EXview HAD ll sensor technology with high QE
  • Monochrome or color ICX694 CCD sensor with 1” optical format providing a resolution of 2752 x 2192 using 4.54 x 4.54µm pixels
  • Onboard memory with 128MB for frame buffering results in stable image delivery for challenging systems
  • GPIO for control of peripherals and synchronization. One optically isolated output, one optically isolated input and two configurable I/O ports
  • High-speed USB 3.0 interface for simple installation on any computer
  • 8 and 14-bit pixel data modes available


The INFINITY3-6UR is a suitable general purpose camera for many microscopy applications as it provides 6MP resolution, outstanding color reproduction, light sensitivity and speed needed for low-light applications.

The INFINITY3-6UR offers very good image quality and value for tough low light applications such as fluorescence including the NIR region.

The INFINITY3-6UR camera can be applied in several applications in medical, life science, and industry sectors, where increased resolution, high level of sensitivity, optimal color reproduction, and high speed are needed.

The INIFINITY 3-6UR – A High-Speed, High-Sensitivity CCD Camera

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