Active Vibration Control for Nanoscale Research Instruments - TS Series from Herzan

The TS Series vibration isolation systems from Herzan deliver sub-hertz active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.

The TS Series has a simple 'plug and play' design that enables researchers to focus on the key research application. The stiffness of the system provides better directional and positional stability, thereby ensuring a controlled and stable measuring environment.

The TS Series systems come in different models like TS-150, TS-140, TS-300 and TS-300 LT with varying capacities and load dimensions to suit different applications. The performance of the TS Series vibration isolation systems is determined by the transmissibility graph that provides a conservative estimate of performance in any lab environment corresponding to six translational and rotational vibration modes.

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Key Features

The main features of the TS Series vibration isolation systems are:

  • Easy integration
  • LCD display provides real time results
  • Plug and play system
  • Complete isolation performance
  • No installation or maintenance required
  • Advanced piezoelectric sensory technology delivers excellent isolation performance
  • Sub-hertz active vibration isolation across all six degrees of freedom


The main applications of the TS Series vibration isolation systems include:

  • Profilometry
  • Interferometry
  • Tribology and nanoindentation
  • In-vitro fertilization
  • High resolution microscopy
  • High precision metrology
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • SPM (AFM, STM, NSOM, etc.)

TS Series from Herzan

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