AVI Series Active Vibration Control from Herzan

The AVI Series active vibration control system is a low profile and modular system that delivers sub-hertz vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom. With several modules, the instrument provides clear and concise results for any application.

The AVI Series is provided with a top mounting plate that distributes the system’s weight across all the AVI modules and provides strong connection between the modules and the instrument.

The AVI Series platform includes three different models. The AVI-200 Series provides high resolution images for SPM, AFM and other instruments used in academic institutions. This noise-free device includes two modules and one controller.

The AVI-400 Series has a modular, easy to install design with a top mounting plate and a bottom mounting plate. The top mounting plate ensures a more even load distribution over the modules, while the bottom mounting plate meets the floor flatness specification of modules.

The AVI 600, on the other hand, is suitable for use with ultra high vacuum systems and tunnel-microscopes, Fabry-Perot interferometers, and delicate transmission electron microscopes.

The performance of the AVI Series can be monitored using the transmissibility graph that provides an estimate of performance in any given lab environment.

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Key Features

The main features of the AVI Series active vibration control system are:

  • Inherent stiffness provides excellent directional and positional stability
  • Active isolation from 1Hz to 200Hz
  • Passive isolation beyond 200Hz
  • Isolates in six possible rotational and translational modes of vibration
  • Module length can be adjusted for specific applications
  • 500 times stiffer than passive system
  • Module style allows system to adapt to specific sizes and loads


The key applications of AVI Series models include:

  • AVI-200 Series - STM, AFM, tribology, spinstand systems, interferometry, profilometry and other high-precision research instruments
  • AVI-400 Series - High-precision metrology, spectrometry, lithography, UHV-STM, UHV-SPM, TEM, SEM and STM
  • AVI-600 Series - Ultra high vacuum systems and tunnel-microscopes, Fabry-Perot interferometers and transmission electron microscopes

Herzan AVI Series

The AVI series platforms isolate in six possible rotational and translational modes of vibration, for 500 times greater stiffness than passive systems.
The AVI-200 consistently provides research universities and instrument manufacturers with the highest resolution images possible for their AFM, SPM, and other various instruments.
The AVI-400 active vibration isolation system frequently brings SEMs in even the noisiest of environments within vibration specification.

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