Lake Shore 7400 Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Lake Shore's fully integrated vibrating sample magnetometers (VSM) are used for the characterization of materials’ DC magnetic properties with respect to time, temperature and magnetic field.

The VSMs come in three different versions:

  • model 74035 single-stage variable temperature option
  • model 74046 magnetoresistance (MR) probe option
  • model 74034 high temperature oven/Model 74018 low temperature cryostat

All the three models have different variable gap electromagnet configurations with magnetic fields up to 3.1T.

The VSMs are sensitive electromagnetic systems with a wide range of capabilities from 4.2K to 1273K. They can measure a wide range of samples, making them suitable for quality control of magnetic materials and all demanding materials research applications.

The options available with the VSM systems include an MR probe, autorotation, vector coils, a single stage variable temperature assembly, a high temperature oven, and low temperature cryostats.

The most advanced electromagnet-based VSM systems are provided with variable magnetic field and temperature, flexible software, precision electronics, and high sensitivity.

Key Features

The main features of the 7400 series VSM systems include:

  • Magnetic fields of over 3T
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • 7.5 × 10-7emu noise floor at 0.1s/pt
  • 1 × 10-7emu noise floor at 10s/pt
  • High stability ±0.05% per day
  • Wide temperature range from 4.2K to 1273K
  • Vector, magnetoresistance, and autorotation options

Lake Shore 7400 Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Model 74035 Single-Stage Variable Temperature Option
Model 74046 Magnetoresistance (MR) Probe Option
Model 74046 Magnetoresistance (MR) Probe Option
Model 74034 high temperature oven
Model 74018 variable temperature cryostat
Model 741-VTA temperature option kit
Model 7404
Model 7407
Model 7410

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