Viscotek RI Concentration Detector (VE3580) for GPC/SEC Chromatography

The Viscotek RI detector from Malvern Panalytical is used for molecular weight determination. To establish the molecular weight or structural data, the polymer or protein concentration profile has to be accurately measured. The Viscotek RI is ideal for multi-detection GPC/SEC.

The Viscotek RI detector is available as a stand-alone connection unit connected to other chromatography parts such as UV/Vis, GPCmax, or PDA detectors, or as a part of the Viscotek 270max unit.

It includes two temperature control profiles for use in cold room/cabinet conditions or at normal laboratory temperature. The detector’s output is a function of the compounds within the solution.

Key Features

The main features of the Viscotek RI detector are as follows:

  • High-stability concentration detector
  • Accurate measurement
  • Well-designed purging unit is provided to ensure fast baseline recovery by decreasing major alterations in temperature
  • Automatically purged from the software or as part of a programmed sample sequence
  • Two temperature control units allow the detector to be used in both cold room and in standard laboratory conditions

Customer Testimonial

We rely heavily on the Malvern Panalytical HT-GPC system because of the comprehensive, accurate information it provides. GPC analysis of our polymers is challenging but the system performs consistently and reliably. Ongoing costs are low because the system is easy to maintain and consumables are affordable, which drives down the ‘cost per injection’, an important comparative indicator for us. And the software is excellent. It gives us the flexibility we need to fully explore our materials and at the same time allows new users to get useful data with minimal training.

Dr Jerome Claverie, Director, NanoQAM

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