Zetasizer WT - On-line Measurement of Zeta Potential

Malvern Panalytical's Zetasizer WT provides high quality on-line zeta potential measurements. It offers real-time monitoring of efficient charge neutralization and flocculation process performance. This fully automated tool delivers reliable and accurate results and an effective dosing control.

The integration of Malvern Panalytical’s proven Electrophoretic Light Scattering technology with in-process measurements results in an exclusive on-line zeta potential analyzer for water treatment plants. The Zetasizer WT is sensitive to the changes in raw water, thereby avoiding filtration problems. It minimizes the usage of chemicals to form a stable floc, thus eliminating overdose.

Key Features

The main features of the Zetasizer WT are:

  • On board computer for autonomous operation
  • Completely automated zeta potential analysis
  • HMI for local control and setup
  • Sample flow and temperature sensing
  • Transmission of results to SCADA via OPC, Modbus or 4-20mA
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Accurate and rapid results
  • Easy measurement of grab samples on the same instrument

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Customer Testimonial

We’ve been investigating the ability of zeta potential measurements to enhance water treatment control for close to a decade at Severn Trent now. The successful outcome of recent trials at Tittesworth  has confirmed that online analysis provides a far more robust platform for effective process control, than traditional techniques such as jar tests. The installation of Malvern Panalytical’s Zetasizer WT has been extremely beneficial in providing numerous improvements over lab based measurement in terms of rapid, real time data acquisition, while at the same time reducing reliance on manual analysis.

Emma Sharp, Water Treatment and Quality Lead, Severn Trent Water

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