9500 AFM from Keysight Technologies - Easy-to-use, High Scan Speed Atomic Force Microscope

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 9500 AFM seamlessly integrates revolutionary new software, a new high-bandwidth digital controller, and a state-of-the-art mechanical design to provide unrivaled scan rates and truly astonishing ease of use.

In addition to completely redefining the user experience for atomic force microscopes, this intelligently conceived system delivers the superior performance and flexible functionality.

We are confident that users of the 9500 AFM will immediately be impressed by Keysight’s new NanoNavigator software. NanoNavigator also enables the optionally available Quick Scan, a new technology for ultrafast scanning up to 2 sec/frame (256x256 pixels).

The new software’s Auto Drive feature, for example, automatically and optimally sets all parameters within seconds. There’s even a handy mobile app to allow monitoring of the system via smart phone or tablet during AFM operation. The workflow-based graphical user interface (GUI) makes the system noticeably easy to use.

The Keysight 9500 system offers a large, closed-loop AFM scanner with atomic resolution, industry-leading environmental control, ultra-high-precision temperature control, and much more. A new high-bandwidth, FPGA-based digital controller ensures high-speed operating precision and eliminates the requirement for additional external control boxes.

The clever, compact mechanical design of the 9500 affords researchers quick and convenient access to their samples. More than a half-dozen of the most commonly used AFM imaging modes are supported by the system’s standard nose cone, which can easily be interchanged with specialized nose cones as needed, extending the 9500’s capabilities effortlessly.

Designed with scientific and industrial R&D users in mind, the Keysight 9500 is the ideal system for an expansive range of advanced AFM applications associated with materials science, life science, polymer science, and electrical characterization.

Image Caption: 9500AFM  C60 with Quick Scan left: topography, right phase

Features and Benefits

  • New NanoNavigator software:
    • Workflow-based GUI makes system noticeably easy to use
    • Quick Scan for ultrafast scanning up to 2 sec/frame (512 x 512 pixels)
    • Auto Drive automatically and optimally sets all parameters within seconds
    • Mobile app allows remote monitoring of system operation
    • New high-bandwidth, FPGA-based digital controller ensures high-speed precision
    • 90 µm closed-loop scanner delivers atomic resolution
  • Industry-leading environmental and temperature control
  • Superior scanning in fluids, gases, and ambient conditions
  • STM scanner for studies of conducting materials

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