Table Top Nanoidentation Tester (TTX-NHT2) from Anton Paar TriTec

The Table Top Nanoidentation Tester (TTX-NHT2) from Anton Paar is the most versatile nanoindenter from low loads (0.1mN) to high loads (500mN), from low depths (below 20nm) to high depths (above 100µm).

The Nanoindentation Tester’s innovative design is based on a Top Surface Referencing technique that includes a reference ring, which encloses the indenter and offers a continuous reference for the penetration depth made into the material, when compared to the surface of the sample.

The NHT2 is used for characterization of ceramics, metals, hard polymers and composites. The equipment is not just rugged but also rapid and is convenient to use.

An extensive range of testing modes is offered by indentation software including standard indentation as per ISO and ASTM standards to advanced indentation modes.

These include progressive or constant multicycle, continuous multicycles, sinus mode (optional), user-defined sequences, multi-sample, advanced matrix protocols.

Key Features

The key features of the Table Top Nanoidentation Tester (TTX-NHT2) from Anton Paar are:

  • It is a very easy-to-use nanoindenter with protective reference ring
  • High throughput - measurements in below 5 minutes
  • High load frame stiffness: 107N/m for high depth accuracy
  • Frame with custom synthetic granite
  • Normal force feedback loop control
  • Design with MACOR low thermal expansion coefficient materials: < 10-6 /°C
  • Increased thermal stability: raw data uncorrected thermal drift < 0.05 nm/sec
  • Compatible with liquid testing
  • Rapid and convenient change of indenter tip: less than 1 minute
  • Multiple objective video microscope for inspection both pre- and post-test

The advanced features of the indentation software are:

  • Recording penetration and force before the contact point
  • Video imaging capturing for hardness (Vickers Hardness value)
  • Viscoelastic analysis mode for creep compliance
  • Contact detection algorithm with contact stiffness threshold
  • Depth-controlled indentation mode

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