Pin-On-Disk Tribometer (TRB) from Anton Paar TriTec

All manufacturers must address the issue related to the control of friction and wear in moving machine components.

Obtaining quantitative data at a range of humidities and temperatures and in the presence of lubricants is crucial.

Pin-on-Disk Tribometers (TRB) from Anton Paar have demonstrated their reliability in a number of laboratories across the world for:

  • Exploring new materials such as polymers, metals, and ceramics
  • Analysis of self-lubricating systems
  • Analysis of oil additives and lubricants
  • Quality assurance

Main Features

The key features of the Pin-on-Disk Tribometers are listed below:

  • Can handle variable sample sizes and shapes
  • Stable contact point and no parasitic friction
  • Accurately calibrated friction and wear measurements
  • Automatic switch-off (track length / friction coefficient)
  • Testing compatible with DIN 50324 and ASTM
  • Test in liquids and controlled humidity
  • Software package for instrument control and PC-controlled data acquisition, with real-time graphical data display, sliding lifetime, friction and wear coefficients

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