Micro Combi Tester (MCT3)

The Micro Combi Tester (MCT3) integrates all the features of the Micro Indentation Tester (MHT3) and the Micro Scratch Tester (MST3) from Anton Paar. This enables the study of instrumented, adhesion indentation and the scratch resistance of the surface all with a single instrument.

Key Specifications

The key specifications of the Micro Combi Tester (MCT3) are:

  • Applied load: Resolution: 0.1mNand Max load: 30N
  • Friction force: Resolution: 0.1mN and Max. friction force: 30N
  • Depth: Resolution: 0.3nm and Max. depth: 1000µm
  • Speed: From 0.1mm/min to 600mm/min

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