Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) System for Nanomaterials Research

This low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) system, available from Angstrom Engineering, includes a water-cooled furnace that has the capacity to reach up to 1100ºC in order to meet the high temperature needs of CNT and graphene research. The water-cooled furnace can also be cooled down quickly after reaching the maximum temperature.

The LPCVD system includes a chamber tube that is available in different sizes between ø2in and ø8in allowing processing of single small samples up to batches of 6in wafers.

The LPCVD system is designed to provide accurate process control and flexibility with user-safety features, and helps meet the demands of grapheme, carbon nanotubes and other 2D crystals research market. It incorporates an interlock system to safeguard users from process gases, high voltages and excessive temperatures, and a heartbeat sensor to bring the equipment to a safer state during PC to PLC disconnect.

This fully automated process control system uses a 24in touch screen interface to help users develop, store and perform complex processes up to 50 steps. Data logs that are created for each process can be stored and downloaded through a USB interface for analyzing with user-preferred office software.

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Key Features

  • Downstream pressure control from 100mTorr to 500Torr utilizing a throttling VAT butterfly valve
  • Up to 12 mass flow controllers
  • Auto-tuning function provides steady temperature control
  • Single zone quartz lamp furnace having 6in uniform temperature zone
  • Rapid cooling from 1100 to 800ºC in 2mins
  • Rapid heating to 1100ºC in 10mins
  • Quartz tubes of different sizes can be used and replaced when required
  • Upstream end flange with rapid connections to gas manifold
  • Downstream end flange with rapid connections to pumping and gauging
  • Accommodates single or multiple substrates up to 150 x 150mm
  • Φ50- Φ200mm quartz tube chamber
  • Locating forks to enable the tube and flanges to be located for fast and safe connections
  • Flammable gas sensor (H2)
  • Safety circuit (hardware and software)
  • PC / PLC controller with Windows-based recipe and control software
  • Attached frame and safety guarding
  • 24in touch screen user interface for creation of easy recipe and viewing of test results
  • Data logging, editable recipes, and password-protected access control

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