Tensile and Bending Stage Modules for SEM – Microtest Stages from Gatan

Gatan’s in-situ heating and tensile testing stages enable dynamic microstructural observations, and provide a better understanding of materials research. Gatan’s modules are particularly designed for the SEM environment, and custom designs facilitate fast fitting and removal from SEM stages so that normal SEM use can be restarted instantly. The modules are compatible with geometrical requirements of a wide range of detectors, including EBSD for dynamic observations.

Microtest Tensile Stages

  • Easy-to-use software interface offers live graphing of quantitative data in conjunction with flexible thresholding for additional complex experiments, including cyclical loading
  • Cause of deformation can be observed with the ability to image where change is occurring
  • Tensile, bending and compression tests are available
  • Options for different load cells, with load spans from 2 N up to 5000 N for greater resolution
  • Option for complete replacement X, Y, and Z SEM door and stage offers more flexibility for heavier stages
  • Exclusive MTVideo option enables synchronized image and data acquisition, thereby providing complete post experiment analysis of the sample deformation and the related captured SED images

The Microtest series of tensile- and bending stage modules for scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be equipped with a number of accessories and options, which expand the range and facilities of operation. These options and accessories include:

  • Additional gearbox - Gearbox options extend the available speed range of the modules’ and prove useful for studying specimens of differing ductility.
  • Additional load cells - These are available to extend the module’s load range. Pre-calibrated with the Microtest controller, the load cells can be exchanged on the module by users.
  • Special grips/clamps - Microtest tensile modules are equipped with flat sample grips as standard. A range of special or optional are provided to suit different tests and specimens.
  • Horizontal bending grips - 3- and 4-point bending grips are provided for horizontal operation in Microtest tensile testing modules.
  • Compression cage grips - Compression cage grips restrain the specimen during compression. They are customized to suit the size of specimen needed.
  • Fibre test grips - They enable the fibre to be wrapped around a post prior to clamping, thereby reducing the possibility of slippage.
  • Heated or cooled grips - These are provided with water-cooled Microtest modules and are available for retrofit.
  • EBSD grips - As standard, tilted sample grips ideal for EBSD studies are available for the MTEST2000ES module; and heated, tilted sample grips are provided with the MTEST2000EW module.
  • Vertical sample grips - These grips allow gripping of a flat specimen in a vertical direction for ‘edge-on’ viewing of tensile tests.
  • Custom made grips – Customized specimen grips can be ordered following discussion with Gatan.
  • MTVideo - MTVideo tags the load, extension and time data related to each image to that image, thus enabling subsequent recall of the experimental values synchronized with the captured images. The Microtest data graph can also be interrogated through cursors to bring up the preferred images at any points of interest in the loading curve.
  • DigiScanMC - DigiScan is a digital beam control system. It can be configured to accommodate two signal inputs and record high pixel resolution movies or images simultaneously with MTEST graphing. DigiScan includes a PC and DigitalMicrograph software.
  • MTPC - Microtest products need a dual core PC running Windows 7 or XP. A computer pre-loaded with Microtest software is also available.

Applications include the testing of coatings, polymers, composite materials, metals and alloys, and other non-crystalline materials.

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