Talos™ is a new generation in TEM

FEI’s Talos™ is a 200 kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) that is designed to offer rapid, accurate and quantitative characterizations of nanomaterials in several dimensions.

The Talos™ F200 is a completely new design that is easy to use with automated operation. It facilitates nanoscale discovery by delivering high-quality S/TEM images and quick analytical data acquisition.

The Talos™ S/TEM integrates excellent TEM imaging with quick, accurate and quantitative energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis to provide superior analytical performance.

The TEM is provided with FEI’s highest brightness electron source and advanced EDX detector technology to enable high-efficiency detection of low concentration and light elements as well as FEI’s 3D EDS tomography.

Excellent performance at lower accelerating voltages enables lower beam energies to be used, decreasing damage of delicate samples.

The Talos™ is suitable for multi-user laboratories and individual investigator environments.

Key Features

The main features of the Talos F200 S/TEM are as follows:

  • Rapid, accurate 2D and 3D chemical analysis with dynamic EDS at elevated temperatures
  • High-resolution, high-throughput and multi-channel STEM and TEM imaging
  • Completely digital, allowing remote operation
  • Remote control with accurate and rapid navigation for flexible in situ applications
  • Application-specific detectors or sample holders can be added to enable dynamic experiments

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