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Achieve High Quality, Capillary XRD Measurements using the Stadi P Essentials

The Stadi P Essentials from STOE is a high-end diffractometer for capillary measurements. It is a one circle powder diffractometer that can be built up vertically or horizontally in a standard STOE cabinet.

Pure Kα1 radiation is provided by the focusing Ge (111) monochromator from sealed tubes with Ag, Cu, Co, or Mo anodes. The monochromator also provides high resolution in 2θ, which is equivalent to the standard STOE Stadi P (FWHM <0.03° for the Si (111) reflection).

A video CCD microscope is equipped on the 2θ arm so that the capillaries on the goniometer head can be adjusted.

It is possible to equip a point detector or a position sensitive detector (either a Dectris MYTHEN or a STOE linear PSD) on the moving 2θ arm of the STOE Stadi P Essentials. The system can also be fitted with the complete range of STOE’s capillary rotating sample holders such as the permanently aligned spinner, Gandolfi sample holder, a standard goniometer head and the 10-fold capillary changer; eliminating the need for a moving omega circle.

Additionally, in combination with a STOE furnace or cold head, the goniometer can serve as a stage on which to perform non-ambient measurements. The goniometer can also be used with the Dectris MYTHEN detector to perform time resolved kinetic measurements. Also, it serves as an extension for the second side of a standard STOE STADI P system at room temperature.

The STOE Stadi P Essentials can be used as a superior laboratory device to obtain data for PDF calculations with the aid of the Dectris MYTHEN with a 1000 µm sensor thickness and a sealed tube with silver anode.

With an upgrade kit, the STOE Stadi P Essentials can be upgraded to a full two circle STOE STADI P system. This upgrade is easily viable by adding a second goniometer to configure a double setup.

Incorporating the optional WinXPOW ANALYSIS evaluation unit offers the full WinXPOW software suite. The additional functions that can be achieved with the software suite include:

  • Raw-data handling
  • Diffractometer control and configuration
  • Automatic zero shift correction
  • Non-ambient data collection
  • Detector calibration
  • Graphical data presentation

Key Features and Benefits

  • The pure Kα1 helps to obtain excellent data quality
  • Modular system which allows up to two independent diffractometers to be attached to the vertically or horizontally mounted X-ray tube
  • Provided with STOE WinXPOW ESSENTIALS
  • Low investment costs
  • Superior STOE hardware and data quality
  • The upgrade kit allows the one circle goniometer to be upgraded to a full two circle STOE Stadi P

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