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Nano Scratch Tester (NST) for Characterizing Adhesion Failure of Thin Films and Coatings with a Thickness Below 1000 nm

The Nano Scratch Tester has been developed to characterize the practical adhesion failure of thin films and coatings with a standard thickness of 1000 nm of less. It can be used to test organic and inorganic; soft and hard coatings, such as thin and multilayer PVD, CVD, PECVD, paints, photoresist, lacquers, and several other types of films, covering optical, protective, micro-electronic, decorative, and other applications.

Key Features

The main features of the Nano Scratch Tester are as follows:

  • Patented double-cantilever beam integrated with piezoelectric actuator
  • Active force feedback loop control
  • High-accuracy profiling
  • Patented true penetration depth measurements for elastic recovery research
  • Precise wear testing
  • Automated video microscope with patented synchronized multi-focus panorama
  • Scratch depth measurement with both pre- and post-scan corrections
  • High-quality optical imaging with the optical video microscope turret having four positions
  • Compatible with ASTM and ISO standards

The options provided include:

  • Vacuum, humidity or temperature controlled
  • Micro indentation, nanoindentation, micro scratch and/or nanotribometer measurement modules
  • AFM and ConScan 3D imaging
  • Verification kit for friction force, load, and penetration depth

Other Equipment