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Rolera Thunder™ EMCCD Camera From QImaging

Adding the Rolera Thunder to your research portfolio helps in capturing images that elucidate results. This EMCCD is aggressively priced and was added to the Rolera family of cameras from QImaging. The Rolera Thunder camera delivers quantitative capability, linear EM Gain and exceptionally high frame rates, making this EMCCD camera ideal for super resolution.

Product Features

The key features of the Rolera Thunder are:

  • Binning up to 8x8
  • Very high sensitivity for challenging high-speed and low-light florescence imaging applications
  • Linear EM gain with onboard calibration
  • EM gain stability for enhanced quantitative capabilities
  • Conventional and EMCCD mode
  • Back illuminated EMCCD sensor
  • 512 x 512 pixel array
  • 16 x 16 µm pixel size
  • Potential future upgrade path is supported by FPGA-based technology
  • Integrated 'anti-aging technology' greatly extends lifetime of camera's EMCCD
  • PVCAM offers instant compatibility with many advanced imaging software packages


The applications of the Rolera Thunder are:

  • Spinning-disk confocal microscopy
  • Dynamic ratio imaging (e.g., ph, low-concentration Flux)
  • FRAP (Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching)
  • Live-cell fluorescent protein imaging
  • Astronomy
  • Bose-Einstein condensate

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