Concentration Detector for GPC/SEC - Viscotek UV Detector

The advanced and highly stable Viscotek UV detector has been specifically developed for multi-detection GPC/SEC. Precise measurement of protein and polymer concentration profiles is important to acquire high-quality data on structure and molecular weight.

The Viscotek UV detector is either available as a stand-alone module for linking to other chromatography components such as the SEC-MALS 20 or the 270max, or as an extension to the Viscotek TDAmax to achieve a Tetra Detector format.

Operation of the Viscotek UV Detector

A GPCmax pump and a form of injection device, like an autosampler or a manually actuated valve, generate a mobile phase flow via a UV detector flow cell. With the TDAmax system, this flow cell is placed inside the detector array housing. Then, light emitted from the UV detector is allowed to pass via the flow cell through fiber-optic cables. The response provided on the detector by UV chromophore compounds is directly proportional to the concentration. The absorbance at the user-defined wavelength is finally determined by the UV detector.

The OmniSEC software is capable of recording the absorbance data as a chromatogram in tandem with other data channels. This data is subsequently utilized to measure conjugate or concentration data based on the analysis settings provided in the software.

Key Features

The main features of the Viscotek UV detector are as follows:

  • Suitable for GPC/SEC and molecular weight determination
  • Highly accurate temperature is ensured since the detector cell is integrated in the same thermal chamber as the rest of the system
  • Excellent tool for compositional examination of protein conjugates or co-polymers
  • Users can select the most appropriate wavelength for their specific samples
  • Excellent data reproducibility and baseline stability

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