OmniProbe 200 Nanomanipulator for FIB and SEM Instruments

The OmniProbe 200 from Oxford Instruments is a port-mounted nanomanipulator, designed for SEM and FIB microscopes. It integrates a computer-controlled 100 nm closed-loop encoder feedback for easy accessibility, accuracy, and flexibility.

This fully automated closed-loop system is independent of the microscope’s stage positioning, to allow omnidirectionality and more freedom for sample manipulation. The unique solutions of the OmniProbe 200 control the custom-combined stage and probe (CSP) recipes to attain quick sample repositioning to particular angles.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the OmniProbe 200 nanomanipulator are as follows:

  • Enables diverse applications; from nanowire manipulation to TEM sample preparation to mechanical and electrical measurements
  • Includes advanced eighth-generation technology
  • Moves diagonally in all directions (omnidirectionality)
  • Navigates orthogonally at any sample tilt angles
  • Quickly adjusts samples to specific angles
  • Precise knowledge of probe tip position
  • Moves as expected for all port installations
  • Performs precise and smooth sample manipulation over long distances
  • Avoids collisions
  • Pneumatic insertion/retraction connects to the microscope software (OEM dependent)
  • Minimizes operator fatigue and boosts success rates with simple recall of stored spots
  • Built-in needle biasing ranging up to +/- 10 V for voltage contrast, electrostatic manipulation, and charge neutralization

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