OmniProbe 100 Nanomanipulator for FIB and SEM Instruments

The OmniProbe 100 nanomanipulator, available from Oxford Instruments, is a port-mounted, reliable, and simple manipulator designed for SEM and FIB instruments. It employs open-loop control for accurate nanomanipulation.

The OmniProbe 100 can be mounted on SEM and FIB microscopes to manage situ lift-out, electrical and mechanical testing, charge neutralization, and other applications.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the OmniProbe 100 nanomanipulator are as follows:

  • Prepares atom probe and TEM samples in the SEM
  • Incorporates advanced technology from five generations of innovation
  • Performs accurate and smooth sample manipulation over long distances
  • Carries out different applications from nanomanipulation to TEM sample preparation to electrical testing
  • Cartesian movements for intuitive and easy operation
  • Performs operation using a 6-button control box without the requirement of a computer
  • Quickly positions tips using pneumatic insertion with accurate motor positioning
  • Open-loop control allows nanometer resolution
  • Improves sample flow and lowers loadlock or venting cycles

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