Contour Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) from Bruker

The Contour CMM system from Bruker is exclusively designed to measure the small features seen on a large number of new applications, where accurate dimensional metrology as well 3D surface evaluation is required.

The Contour CMM offers researchers and engineers the ability to execute 3D coordinate measurements for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), and nanoscale height and surface texture simultaneously in a single instrument.

Key Features

The main features of the Bruker’s Contour CMM system are provided below:

  • Ultimate Surface Resolution – Contour CMM is the direct outcome of years of proprietary research and development in interferometric metrology technology. The system uses white light interferometry (WLI) based on Bruker's Wyko® optical profiling technology.
  • A Metrology Data Continuum – Contour CMM offers a powerful metrology data continuum that facilitates standard industry measurements of surface roughness via geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis.
  • 3D Optical Profiler and CMM – Contour CMM’s WLI measurement technology offers extremely lateral resolution and high vertical, when integrated with high precision stages, allowing non-contact nanoscale surface roughness measurements to be measured at known locations in geometric space.
  • 3D-Surface Roughness Display – The Contour CMM uses a proprietary technique to show the surface texture map in real 3D space.
  • True 3D Data and Analysis – The Contour CMM facilitates trapping point clouds using interferometric surface data and shows the data points in 3D geometric space.
  • Form and Shape Analysis – VisionDMIS offers powerful ability to perform basic 3D form, shape, and size assessments, allowing inspection reporting and CAD comparisons of data.
  • Trapping Geometric Form and Shape - Contour CMM’s Vision Dimensions software has a Dimensional Metrology Interface Standard (VisionDMIS) module that allows part programming to manage the highly precise 5-axis staging system and gather the positional data of the surface measurements.


The main areas of applications of the Contour CMM are:

  • Medical
  • Precision machining

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