Perkin Elmer’s LAMBDA 1050, 950 and 850 Spectrophotometers for Coatings and Component Performance Testing

Perkin Elmer offers the LAMBDA 1050, 950 and 850 spectrophotometers for testing of component and coatings performance in production and research purposes. They are not only flexible and easy to operate, but also delivers ultra high performance.

The LAMBDA 1050 offers very high sensitivity, resolution and speed in the NIR range, making it the highest performing UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer of the company. Tough samples such as high absorbing glass, thin film filters, optical coatings and high absorbing glass can be easily analyzed using the LAMBDA 1050. The LAMBDA 1050 consists of two large sampling compartments and various snap-in accessories and modules, including integrating spheres, a general-purpose optical bench, and Perkin Elmer’s patented universal reflectance accessory.

The LAMBDA 950 is designed to deliver highly accurate measurements and ultra-high UV/Vis/NIR performance for wavelengths up to 3,300nm. The spectrometer is ideally suited for color correction coatings, highly reflective and anti-reflective coatings, and bandpass characteristics of Vis, UV, and NIR filters.

The LAMBDA 850 delivers ultra-high UVVis performance for a wavelength range of 175-900nm. The spectrometer is ideally suited for applications, including , sun protection, transmission and reflectance characterization of solar cells and glass, and reflectance properties of paint films and flat panel display screens.

Key Features

The following are the features of the LAMBDA 1050, 950 and 850 spectrophotometers:

  • Universal reflectance accessory - Snap-on module, which alters angle automatically, a unique capability of Perkin Elmer
  • Integrating spheres to 150mm
  • Provides more options with dual sampling compartments
  • Unrivaled sample compartment size
  • Broad range of sampling modules that need just a few seconds to change
  • General purpose optical bench that can handle numerous samples; including telescopes and lenses

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