Perkin Elmer TGA 8000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer with Advanced Hyphenation Technology for FTIR, GC/MS

The TGA 8000™ thermogravimetric analyzer from Perkin Elmer has integral mass-flow controllers, a wide temperature range, and rapid heating rates, thus enabling users to achieve a complete control over the sample environment, including temperature and gas. The user-friendly instrument is equipped with a new 48-position Autosampler, which facilitates complex characterizations to be performed with minimal operator interface.

The TGA 8000™ system is designed from the scratch for hyphenation. It can be integrated easily and is equipped with a heated sniffer line and a heated gas-divert valve to ensure optimum performance. It delivers reliable and high throughput without the need for supervision.

The sophisticated hyphenation technology is compatible with MS, GC/MS, FT-IR, and other techniques for understanding evolved gases in a better manner, ultimately facilitating complex characterizations. The Pyris software, which is the preferred platform for thermal analysis, controls the system. This enables the instrument to offer local control and status monitoring by delivering ease of operation and monitoring capabilities of Apple® iOS software from the user’s iPhone® and iPad®.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the TGA 8000 thermogravimetric analyzer:

  • Integrated mass flow gas control
  • Fast cool-down
  • Isolated from furnace
  • Designed for hyphenation
  • Precise and reproducible results
  • New Autosampler that can run 48 samples without supervision
  • Increased throughput and automated volatiles analysis
  • Removes static drift and responsive temperature control

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