TMA 4000 Thermomechanical Analyzer from Perkin Elmer

The PerkinElmer TMA 4000 thermomechanical analyzer is specially designed to deliver optimum performance in the measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in materials.

The robust and user-friendly design controls the probe by using a unique Archimedean float system and electronics, thus enabling CTE and transitions to be determined with very high accuracy.

The TMA 4000 helps gain insights into the changes in material with temperature, which is vital information required in a number of industries. The TMA 4000's range of probes such as compression, extension, expansion, flexure, and volumetric (dilatometry) can be used to acquire this information from different forms of samples.


The TMA 4000 finds use in a number of fields. Some of the specific applications are:

  • Characterization of melting and softening points
  • TMA of packaging materials
  • Basic test methods in the electronics sector
  • Measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion

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