Spotlight 150i / 200i FT-IR Microscope from Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer’s Spotlight 200i and 150i FTIR microscopes are high-performance microscopy systems that can produce high-quality, reproducible data from a wide range of samples.

The easy-to-use and highly automated system combined with excellent sensitivity ensures that quality spectra down to the diffraction limit of 10µm can be acquired from sample areas.

The Spotlight 200i can also be upgraded to the Spotlight 400 imaging system, allowing faster imaging with optional ATR imaging.

Key Features

The main features of the Spotlight 150i and Spotlight 200i FTIR microscopes are as follows:

  • Excellent quality spectra and rapid imaging
  • High performance signal-to-noise system
  • Can operate in reflectance, transmission, and automated micro-ATR for the highest sampling flexibility
  • Can be utilized with extended range dual range, near-IR, or mid-IR configurations to provide optimum data from samples in the shortest time
  • Flexible, high-performance system enables outstanding applications capability
  • 21CFR compatible


The Spotlight 150i and Spotlight 200i are used for many purposes in academic and laboratory settings around the world. Some of the applications are given below:

  • Testing of automobile paint chips
  • Characterization of polymer laminates
  • Characterization of many regions of interest in a sample
  • Detection and identification of contaminations in the manufacturing process
  • Detection and identification of microplastic particles in cosmetic formulations

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