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LAMBDA UV/Vis Spectrometers from Perkin Elmer – 265, 365 & 465 for Materials and Analytical Testing

PerkinElmer’s LAMBDA 265, 365, 465 UV/Vis spectrometers provide streamlined solutions for new materials testing, research and development, analytical testing, and other critical areas of manufacturing and academia.

These systems can be employed in most lab operations to handle analysis of nanomaterials, metamaterials, and other industrial materials development demanding global alignment on an unparalleled scale.

The LAMBDA family of UV/Vis systems offers easy-to-use UV analysis, bringing all the operations together. The systems allow both basic and complex analytical experiments to be carried out in an easy and fast way. In fact, these spectrometers can be operated by both experts and novice users.

The automatic accessory alignment ensures that the results obtained are as completely error-free. The systems feature an advanced compact design, which allows them to be installed in any laboratory.

Key Features

The main features of the LAMBDA UV/Vis spectrometers are as follows:


  • Absorbance range: ± 3A
  • Wavelength range: 190– 1100nm
  • Optical resolution: 2nm
  • Scan speed: < 3s full range)
  • Source: xenon flash
  • Interface: USB
  • Size in mm (WxDxH): 340 x 320 x 115


  • Wavelength range: 190– 1100nm
  • Absorbance range: ± 4A
  • Interface: USB
  • Scan speed: Variable 1 to 3000nm/min (optimized by method parameters)
  • Source: deuterium and tungsten
  • Size in mm (WxDxH): 495 x 500 x 270


  • Absorbance range: ± 3A
  • Wavelength range: 190– 100nm
  • Interface: USB
  • Optical resolution: 1nm
  • Scan speed: < 3s (full range) (20ms fast kinetics)
  • Size in mm (WxDxH): 450 x 541 x 232
  • Source: deuterium and tungsten


The LAMBDA UV/Vis spectrometers are used in the following applications:

  • The LAMBDA 265 is employed in many R&D and QA/QC applications
  • The LAMBDA 465, along with an exclusive PDA solution that provides maximum reliability, is used in high-end research as well as in routine and high-throughput applications
  • The LAMBDA 365 is utilized in pharmaceuticals, and by analytic chemists, geneticists, and manufacturing QA/QC analysts. The 21 CFR part 11 software allows the LAMBDA system to readily support everything from standard methods and applications to those requiring regulatory compliance.

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