Perkin Elmer DMA 8000 – Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for Advanced R&D and QC

Perkin Elmer’s DMA 8000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer is a highly flexible and cost effective analyzer with a sophisticated design, offering flexible operation and high functionality.

The DMA 8000 is equipped with an ultra-efficient cooling system that is capable of cooling down to -190°C within 15 min using liquid nitrogen of less than a liter. This results in an analyzer with industry-leading performance.

Key Features and Benefits

The following are the key features and benefits of the DMA 8000:

  • It is possible to orient the rotating analysis head through a complete 180°, providing optimal analysis head configuration for almost all types of tests and sample geometries
  • Runs in "constant force (TMA) mode" versus temperature or time in addition to dynamic mode
  • The integrated unique lightweight analytical train has minimal compliance for better performance
  • Applications such as softening and penetration, expansion coefficient, or extension or contraction in tension geometry yield valuable information equivalent to most commercially available stand-alone TMA systems
  • The instrument comes with an optional environmental fluid bath as an integrated accessory, which enables true immersion studies to be carried out on samples as well as measurement of dynamic mechanical properties


The DMA 8000 is ideally suited for routine quality testing and sophisticated research in a myriad of industries, including food, polymers, composites, and pharmaceutical.

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