ETALON Series: Composite AFM Probes with Two Cantilevers on Each Chip

The Etalon series of AFM probes has perfect and repeatable geometry of console, providing high aspect ratio (30° at the end of the tip as shown in the figure), low curvature radius of below 10nm, and well-defined resonance frequency. These probes are ideal for obtaining superior quality topography images. Chips can be used with the all standard AFM probe holders.

The Etalon series of AFM probes may also come with or without reflective side and tip coating and in tipless variant.


The key specifications of the Etalon series of AFM probes are listed below:

Material Polysilicon lever, monocrystal silicon tip
Chip size 3.6 x 1.6 x 0.4mm
Reflective side Au
Cantilever number 2 rectangular
Tip shape Octahedral at the base, conic on the last 200nm
Tip cone angle f 30 degrees on the last 200nm
Full tip height =10µm
Pedestal/tip ratio 1:1
Tip curvature radius less than 10nm

Application Field

The Etalon series of AFM probes is used for topography measurements with high quality and high aspect ratio for samples with large features.


Image of a dislocated Silicon-Germanium quantum dot grown on a Si(001) substrate. To reveal the true nature and character of this quantum dot as a first step based on the height image the first derivative in x-direction was generated. Hereafter, the local surface slope with respect to the substrate plane was calculated.
The remaining polystyrene block of a thin film of the diblock copolymer PS-b-PMMA on Si, after microphase separation and removal of the polymetylmethacrylate block.
The AFM images of surface of cold substrate after process of laser deposition of pyrolitic graphite. Forming ring-like structures.
Silver deposited by magnetron sputtering onto a self-assembled diblock-copolymer PS-b-PMMA thin film.
Thickness oscillations in a self-assembled PS-b-PMMA film on a Si substrate.
Fabrication of nanoholes umder Au Thin films for SPR (Surface Plasmon Ressonances)sensors.
Pyramidal Germanium quantum dots that are formed during the growth at the rim of a pit that was etched into the Si substrate. The color coding of the image (that is the same as No. 81) shows the local surface slope (inclination) with respect to the (001) substrate surface.

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