Vacuum Environment Testing from -100 to 950ºC with the NanoTest Xtreme

Scientists are increasingly require test conditions that closely imitate real-world conditions to predict properties reliably and accurately. By offering NanoTest Vantage, Micro Materials already provides a broad range of nano-mechanical test options.

The company further extends these options with the NanoTest Xtreme, which offers a vacuum environment testing at a temperature range between -100ºC and 950ºC with no sample frosting or oxidation.

Micro Materials has years of experience in offering instruments for low and elevated temperature testing. Until recently, the shortcomings of these instruments have been frosting/condensation at sub-zero temperatures and oxidation at high temperatures.

These limitations can be offset by carrying out the testing under vacuum, further extending the temperature capabilities of the NanoTest.

Key Features

The following the key features of the NanoTest Xtreme:

  • Backfill to perform testing under alternative low oxygen conditions
  • The Cryo stage coupled with high temperature stage provides a test temperature range from -100ºC to 950ºC
  • Load range of 10 µN to 500 mN
  • 10-5 mbar vacuum
  • can be used with all standard NanoTest techniques:
    • Nano-fretting
    • Nanoindentation
    • Nano-scratch and wear
    • Nano-impact
  • ​The Xtreme comes with a high resolution optical microscope as a standard feature and can be augmented with the 3D profiling stage.

Key Benefits

The main benefits of the NanoTest Xtreme are listed below:

  • High and low temperature capability to match the in use operating temperature of test materials
  • Proven NanoTest technology helps to achieve reliable, accurate, and confident results
  • Extrapolating data from ambient conditions is no longer required to predict the working-life performance
  • Offers hardware for gaining insights into the mechanical behavior of advanced engineering materials
  • Extended high temperature capabilities above the 750°C offered by the NanoTest Vantage
  • Improved low temperature capability to below -100°C with no sample frosting
  • Ultra-low thermal drift because of the same construction principles as used on the proven NanoTest Vantage
  • Comprehensive range of nano-mechanical tests remain available, which includes high-load impact, wear, scratch, friction and indentation
  • Capacity to operate under vacuum or backfill with gas to match material working conditions


The NanoTest Xtreme is ideal to examine the influence of more extreme environments for:

  • High temperatures for aerospace engine components
  • Tool coatings for rapid machining
  • Low oxygen, low temperatures for satellite development
  • Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding at reactor operating temperatures
  • The impact of cold on weld repairs in gas/oil pipelines
  • High temperatures for power station steam pipes

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