Raman Spectrometer for Process Control

The Raman Spectrometer System is a part of the MultiSpec series from tec5USA. The spectrometer system integrates a 785 nm diode laser with a thermo-electrically cooled CCD spectrometer.

It is possible to tune down the laser power from 50 - 500 mW. The CCD has high sensitivity and is permanently wavelength calibrated, it is also capable of covering from 300-3100 cm-1.

For in-line measurements in process control, a fiber-optic Raman probe can be used. The probe enables real-time reaction monitoring or regular quality control. Raman is a non-contact and non-destructive measurement method.

Key Features

The main features of the Raman Spectrometer System are given below:

  • Sturdy, rapid detector-array technology
  • Long-term stability and permanent wavelength calibration
  • Full spectra obtained in milliseconds
  • Modular concept offers better flexibility
  • Programming interfaces (SDK) for LabVIEW and Windows
  • Process control software is provided
  • Complete process-capable communication interfaces to process control systems (PCS), includes Profibus, OPC, and analog/digital

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