Crossbeam 340 and Crossbeam 540 FIB-SEM-Microscopes from ZEISS

The Crossbeam 340 and Crossbeam 540 FIB-SEM-Microscopes offer high productivity with an open 3D nano-workstation. These microscopes help to speed up tomography runs using up to 100 nA FIB current with exceptional spot profile to bridge the gap between micro- and nanopatterning.

Crossbeam enables the combination of the analytical and imaging performance of the GEMINI column with the ability of a next-generation FIB for material processing and sample preparation on a nanoscopic scale. High throughput nanotomography and nanofabrication of even the most demanding, charging or magnetic samples can be obtained using the open and easily extendable software architecture and the modular platform concept of this 3D nano-workstation.


Gain More Information in Less Time

  • Examine large fields of view of up to 50 k x 40 k pixels with the help of the optional ATLAS 3D package and GEMINI technology
  • Gain maximum information using multi-detector acquisition and the ability to mill and image simultaneously
  • Speed up nanofabrication and nanotomography by combining low kV SEM performance with FIB currents up to 100 nA

Keep Full Process Control

  • Easy-to-understand graphical user interface
  • Alter system parameters such as probe current or acceleration voltage in real time during acquisition, without making adjustments to the image
  • Profit from a uniform beam profile and maximum stability during demanding long-term experiments

Experience Maximum Flexibility

  • The open application programming interface (API) allows users to access every microscope parameter
  • The system must be customized for in situ experiments
  • A variety of accessories and detectors are available to easily upgrade the Crossbeam

GEMINI Columns

Crossbeam 340 with GEMINI I VP

  • The unique GEMINI material contrast with the optional Inlens Duo detector can be obtained
  • Outgassing or charging samples can be used to perform in situ experiments
  • Benefit from maximum sample flexibility in multi-purpose environments

Crossbeam 540 with GEMINI II

  • Profit from unique material and topographical contrast with simultaneous Inlens SE and EsB imaging
  • High resolution imaging and fast analytics enables more information to be obtained in less time
  • The double condenser system provides high resolution even at high current and low voltage

Laser Option

Perform Material Ablation and Fabrication

An optional laser can be used to upgrade the Crossbeam in order to obtain benefits from the fastest technology for massive ablation. Together with the high current FIB, it is possible to fabricate functional structures such as microfluidic devices and MEMS ranging from the millimeter to the nanometer range.

Open up deeply buried target areas or trim soft samples where mechanical preparation causes compression, delamination or smearing. Material ablation and fabrication can be performed in one well integrated system by using the Crossbeam and the laser option.


Remote Application Programming Interface Helps Customizing the ZEISS Crossbeam

Access almost every single microscope parameter is allowed by the open programming interface of Crossbeam.

Control electron and ion optics, detectors, vacuum system, stage, scanning and image acquisition from custom programs, running on the system PC or a remote workstation.

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