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Tekna’s Molybdenum, The Ideal Powder for Surface Coating

With a high level of sphericity and controlled grain size, Tekna’s spherical molybdenum powder is ideal for surface coating. Molybdenum powder exhibits good thermal and electrical conductivity and has a high purity level, high melting point, and extremely high density.

These properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, and make it compatible for even the most challenging industrial processes.


Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

MIM is a proven metallurgical process that was derived from plastic injection molding and adapted to the technology of metallic powders. A key advantage of this technique is its ability to create near net complex shapes with a high surface finish and fine tolerances, eliminating the need for subsequent machining.

In this regard, Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, tantalum powder, and tungsten powder and the Spheroidization equipment fully satisfy the demands of industries using metal injection molding, while also complying with the most challenging standards.

Thermal Spray

Thermal spray is a metallurgical process ideally suited for a wide variety of industries. This dry surface treatment technique provides relatively thicker deposition layers onto a range of substrate materials and can be used for various coating materials.

In this context, Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, tantalum powder, molybdenum powder, and tungsten powder meet the requirements of industries using metal thermal spray, while satisfying the most challenging standards.

With the capacity for industrial production, Tekna can be the ideal partner of choice for these applications. The high level of purity, high sphericity, and controlled grain size are ideal properties for manufacturing parts with optimal density.

Main Industries


The microelectronics sector is constantly changing. Small-size nanopowders are increasingly used in the microelectronic domain, with the chemical composition suitably controlled for printing electronic circuits.

In this context, Tekna’s copper nanopowders and its Nanopowder Synthesis equipment fulfill the needs of the microelectronics sector in the printing of electronic circuits.

With the capacity for industrial production, Tekna is the partner of choice for the microelectronics industry. The high level of purity and controlled nanoscale size allow for the manufacture of next-generation printed circuits.

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