Tantalum, The Ideal Powder for Surface Coating from Tekna

Tekna’s spherical tantalum powder has high sphericity and a controlled grain size that make it suitable for surface coating. This powder has biocompatible features and is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, making it the material of choice for a wide range of applications.


Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

The metal injection molding (MIM) is a proven metallurgical method derived from plastic injection molding and adapted to the technology of metallic powders. This method is capable of creating near net complex shapes with a high surface finish and fine tolerances, without the need for subsequent machining.

In this context, Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, tungsten powder, tantalum powder, and Tekna’s spheroidization equipment ideally meet various industrial needs using metal injection molding, while simultaneously meeting the extremely demanding standards.

Tekna’s industrial production capability makes it the ideal partner for this application. The controlled grain size, high level of purity, and high spehericity are perfect for developing parts with optimal density.

Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing process, a revolution in the powder metallurgy field, is defined as the forming process of a component by adding material through stacking successive layers. It is applied in various fields, including aviation and aerospace, medical, chemical, weapons, and military.

This process needs materials with high sphericity and with specific grain size features. The shape of the powder and the optimal density of the piece can be secured with key factors like high level of solubility and maximum density.

In this context, Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, molybdenum powder, tantalum powder, tungsten carbide powder, and spheroidization equipment meet various industrial needs using additive manufacturing, while also meeting the most challenging standards.

Thermal Spray

Thermal spray is a metallurgical process employed in a wide range of industries. It is a dry surface treatment technique that can be used for a broad range of coating materials and provides relatively thicker deposition layers onto an equally wide range of substrate materials.

In this regard, Tekna’s tantalum powder, spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, tungsten powder, and molybdenum powder ideally meet the needs of industries using the metal thermal spray, while also meeting the extremely challenging standards.

Due to its capacity for industrial production, Tekna is a perfect choice for these applications. The high sphericity, controlled grain size, and the high level of purity are perfect for manufacturing components with optimal density.

Main Industries


The aviation industry is constantly changing. New manufacturing processes need materials and products in order to meet the highest performance standards.

Both Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder and spheroidization equipment meet various industrial requirements for manufacturing aircraft components using innovative metallurgical processes such as thermal spraying, cold and hot isostatic pressing (HIP), metal injection molding (MIM), and additive manufacturing.


The medical industry is one that undergoes a constant change. Solutions with advanced materials are increasingly being integrated into many medical applications. These advanced materials should have precise and controlled chemical composition to meet the various requirements of this industry.

Tekna’s spherical Ti64 titanium alloy powder, tantalum powder, copper nanopowders, tungsten carbide powders, and spheroidization equipment play a significant role in this industry while simultaneously meeting the most demanding standards.

Due to their strong biocompatibility, both Tekna’s Ti64 and tantalum powders meet the needs of the medical implant industries. Tekna’s copper nanopowders and tungsten carbide powders are suitable for the fungicidal properties sector and the X-ray collimator manufacturing sector, respectively.

The capacity for industrial production makes Tekna the ideal partner for these industries. The high level of purity, high sphericity, and controlled grain size are perfect for manufacturing components with optimal density.

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