Versatile Systems for Thin Film Deposition - Nexdep, Amod and EvoVac

Angstrom Engineering’s series of physical vapor deposition systems enables superior process and application versatility.

  • Nexdep: 100 mm x 100 mm substrate maximum, 1 - 8 sources
  • Amod: 150 mm x 150 mm substrate maximum, 1 - 10 sources
  • EvoVac: 150 mm x 150 mm substrate maximum (with room for more sources and increased source to substrate throw distance). 1 - 14 sources.

One of these thin film deposition systems is likely to suit the process requirements of users perfectly. Angstrom Engineering’s applications engineering team will work closely with customers to establish what sources, substrate handling, and process enhancement technology will be ideal for the work at hand.

All three can house electron beam, sputter, and thermal-resistive sources, as well as a number of sources for cleaning and film enhancements.

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Standard Key Features

  • Custom designed to match all process requirements
  • AERES integrated control software comes as standard and can create and control recipes across the whole process, from pre-deposition, through layer control (including unparalleled low-rate stability), gas and pressure control, stage control, and automation
  • Support for multiple PVD processes
  • Sequential or co-deposition
  • Multi-user on-site training included with all systems
  • Training manual provided to explain operation and maintenance of the equipment to new users
  • User safety is crucial hence features such as cutting power to sources when the chamber is open
  • Eight-hour response guarantee

Optional Features

  • Aluminum or stainless steel chamber options
  • Variable angle stages for creation of complex nano-structures and coatings for imagery
  • Glove box integration
  • International input voltages available
  • Heated, cooled and biased stages
  • High-vacuum or ultra-high-vacuum configurations
  • Roll to roll processing
  • Planetary and dome fixturing
  • Load locks and semi to fully automated substrate and mask handling
  • Additional customization is available

Download the Brochure for More Information

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