Improving Your Process by Redesigning Linear Stages

Aerotech’s PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now available in new sizes with new features, providing significantly improved performance. In addition to the feature and performance improvements, two new sizes have been added to the PRO-LM (linear motor) series stage line – the PRO115LM and PRO190LM.

New features include absolute encoder options on both the linear motor and ball-screw stages, a linear encoder option on PRO-SLE ball-screw stages, and direct mounting to metric and English optical tables.

  • Up to 33% improvement in positioning accuracy
  • Up to 40% improvement in geometric error motions
  • Up to 46% improvement in positioning repeatability
  • Up to 98% improvement in positioning resolution

Rugged Mechanical Construction

All PRO series stages are designed with a long-life recirculating linear guide bearing system and a low-friction sealing solution for long life in industrial applications, such as laser machining. The design of the PRO series offers protection from debris while Aerotech’s unique side-seals prevent particulates and dirt from entering the stage. The curved hard-cover prevents too much debris from collecting on the stage.

The base mounting holes are accessible from the outer side of the stage enabling easy mounting. Standard mounting holes for both metric and English optical tables are available in all travels. The tabletop is provided with both metric and English mounting patterns.

Brush attachments can also be ordered to clear any debris that may collect on the stage hard cover. Tabletops are designed with hole patterns for the direct attachment of Aerotech’s ADRS, ADRT, ACS-LP, AGR, and ACS rotary stages making multi-axis system design and implementation fast and easy.

Accurate Positioning with ThermoComp™

All PRO series stages are now available with Aerotech’s ThermoComp™ feature, an embedded temperature compensation unit that ensures accurate positioning not only in variable temperature environments, but also during prolonged use of ball-screw-driven stages. Using ThermoComp™ protects the process even in challenging industrial settings.

PRO-LM Linear Motor Stages

The PRO-LM stages are improved with high-precision, noncontact linear encoders. Absolute and incremental encoders are available as standard options and enable minimum incremental motion down to 5 nm and sub-micrometer repeatability. Optional HALAR factory calibration enhances positioning accuracy to ±0.75 µm. Standard models have a travel range from 50 to 1500 mm with speeds to 2 m/s.

The PRO-LM series is driven by Aerotech’s high-power U-channel linear motors. The ironless forcer coil provides high force with zero cogging for super-smooth position control and velocity. This ironless design is perfect for applications that require smooth velocity profiling and excellent contour accuracy. The linear motor has no windup, zero backlash, zero friction, and exceptional dynamic responsiveness.

PRO-SL/SLE Ball-Screw Linear Stages

Improved positioning specifications combined with competitive pricing make the PRO-SL/SLE ball-screw stage series the suitable choice for both high and medium performance applications. For applications needing direct-metrology of the output carriage, the PRO-SLE incorporates a direct linear encoder. Digital TTL output, amplified sine, and absolute encoders are available as standard options for linear feedback.

The PRO-SL/SLE series is built with several standard features and options that make the design extremely flexible and allow it to be easily customized to a specific application. The system’s travel range extends from 50 mm to 1000 mm with speeds up to 300 mm/s.

Aerotech BMS or BM series brushless servomotors are available with several encoder options. Minimum incremental motion is to 50 nm. A holding brake can be integrated to the motor for vertical applications. A motor foldback kit can be ordered for space-constrained applications to minimize the overall stage length.

All PRO series stages are offered in cleanroom prepared and vacuum versions.

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