NS PilotLine Electrospinning Machine for High Throughput Nanofiber Production

The Nanospinner Pilot Line Semi Industrial Electrospinning Machine from Inovenso is built to provide precise product development processes. The model is well-suited for use in industrial R&D departments of companies and in universities involved in electrospinning over long time intervals that require in-situ parameter optimization.

With the programmable touch screen control panel, it is very easy to recall the earlier recipes and produce new samples using the same parameters. This will provide easy to compare results and create logical steps for product development. It is a flexible, programmable, recipe recall enabled system that has long-term electrospinning capability, and is supported by unique features.

  • Bottom-up spinning
  • Up to 30 concurrently feeding nozzles
  • Programmable touch screen control panel
  • 500 mm wide nanofiber coating
  • Adjustable horizontal movement between 30 - 80 mm and  5- 50 mm/second
  • 0.01 - 5 gr/m2 thick nanofiber membrane production capacity
  • Continuous roll to roll substrate winding collector system
  • Automatic adjustable spinning distance between 30 - 230 mm. Nozzle to collector
PilotLine Electrospinning Machine for Industrial Nanofiber Production -Inovenso
Unique Properties Benefits
Bottom-up multijet electrospinning Prevents solvent dropping on sample media which results in defects on nanofiber web surface
Programmable touch screen control panel User-friendly, precise control, feedback info
Continuous roll to roll substrate winding collector system 10-100 cm/minute precise speed control winding system available to create up to 200 m continuous nanofiber coating
500 mm wide nanofiber coating 50 cm width and 200 m length size nanofiber samples even can be used for certain of commercial nanofiber applications
Automatic modifiable spinning distance between 30 and 230 mm. Nozzle to collector During the polymer solution optimization, precisely modifying one of the most vital parameters as distance offers thinnest nanofibers
Recipe saving and loading option Easy recall of prior work parameters automatically. No need to manually modify parameters one by one
Additional safety options Safe-door lock and warning lights to prevent electrical discharges

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