5500ILM Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Keysight Technologies

The Keysight 5500 inverted light microscope (ILM) system integrates the power of a high-resolution atomic force microscope with the direct optical viewing capability of an inverted optical microscope. The advanced design of the system allows the AFM to be placed on top of an inverted microscope and under the illumination pillar, providing better optical contrast for the images.

The Keysight 5500 ILM provides unmatched performance and easy use for imaging in ambient air and fluids. It extends AFM utility to include studies of single molecules, cell membranes, polymers, whole cells, and many others. Atomic force and optical (or fluorescence) microscopy data can be obtained with the Keysight ILM at the same time.

Instrument Features

  • System optimized for fluorescence and AFM imaging at the same time
  • Top illumination and inverted view provide excellent optical contrast
  • Top-down scanner design enables almost effortless setup
  • Sample-handling plates facilitate easy imaging in ambient or air fluids

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