PartAn3D – The Only 3D Particle Size and Shape Analyzer on the Planet

The PartAn3D from Microtrac is the only 3D particle size and shape analyzer available on the planet.

This analyzer is capable of measuring 32 morphological parameters of a material, including transparency, density, surface roughness, shape, size, and, naturally, 3D, in one fast analysis. It can also measure particles ranging  in size from 15 µm to 35 mm.

Microtrac PartAn3D Applications

The key applications of the PartAn3D are as follows:

  • Building materials
  • Food processing
  • Glass beads
  • Fertilizer
  • Aggregates
  • Mining

Microtrac PartAn3D Features

The PartAn3D has the following features:

  • Self-cleaning mechanism, which increases optimal measurement capability and reduces user intervention
  • Non-contact measurement of dry particles ranging from 15 µm to 35 mm
  • Analyzes 100 images per second with a high-resolution, high-speed camera
  • Characterizes 32 morphological parameters of a material, including 3D
  • Compact footprint and a rugged design

Microtrac PartAn3D Benefits:

The main benefits of the PartAn3D include:

  • The self-cleaning mechanism enables a user to spend more time being productive, and less time cleaning the instrument
  • The PartAn3D is adaptable for any lab setting as it has been engineered to handle the toughest environments
  • The high-resolution, high-speed camera ensures multiple, vivid pictures of a material, resulting in accurate analysis
  • Industry-leading size range provides the user with increased analysis flexibility to measure a wide range of materials
  • The PartAn3D provides a user with better analysis capability that enables confident and quick decision-making regarding product quality as it is capable of measuring 32 parameters, including 15 size, 13 shape/form, 3 surface roughness, transparency, density, and 3D in one analysis

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