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Lasair® III Airborne Particle Counter for Aerosol Particle Counters

The Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems is designed with a sensitivity range of 0.3 - 25.0 µm. The Counter is mainly intended for cleanrooms with the users’ unique needs in mind. It sets the benchmark for portable aerosol particle counters in highly regulated environments; ensuring that the working environment is clean. It complies with the requirements of ISO 14644-1:2015 and ISO 21501-4.

The Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter can be used for both mobile and remote routine cleanroom monitoring. Particle Measuring Systems understand the requirements and have made the calculations required by users; cleanroom certification results can be procured through a local print-out, downloadable via USB in a secure format, or via the use of external software packages, such as FacilityNet, DataAnalyst, or FacilityNet Pharma Software.

On-board, hot-swappable batteries provide power for the unit. Power can also be provided via the use of an external AC power source, which can power the unit and charge the on-board batteries at the same time.

The Lasair® III Particle Counter accepts inputs from a broad range of environmental sensors through the four integrated 4-20 mA inputs. Wireless network communications are simplified with an externally-mounted wireless adapter, thus making communications with network systems a lot easier.


The key features of the Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter are given below:

  • 100 LPM flow samples 1 m3 in 10 minutes
  • 100 LPM, 50 LPM, or 1 CFM flow rates available
  • Large, 8.4” IR touchscreen can be used when wearing gloves for simplified use
  • Calculates and prepares reports for ISO 14644-1:1999, ISO 14644-1:2015, China GMP, EC GMP Annex 1, and FS 209E
  • Access via a web browser
  • Compatible with typical cleanroom cleaning chemicals
  • Selection of 12 languages for display and printout
  • ISO 14644-1:2015-compliant
  • ISO 21501-4-compliant, with an integrated pulse height analyzer (PHA). Available with ISO 17025 calibration certificate. (Optional)


The key benefits of the Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter are listed below:

  • Complete validation manual makes it easy to meet pharmaceutical regulatory demands
  • Removable batteries with optional external charger for non-stop mobile use
  • Pre-configured sampling recipes to decrease operator errors
  • Operates in cleanrooms via a web browser: installation, sample, display, print, download data
  • Long-term data archiving with DataAnalyst software
  • Quiet pump enhances work environment
  • USB electronic print-outs for long-term storage
  • CSV file download for simple data integration
  • Local print-out for instant hard copy results
  • Up to 32 customizable alarm comments for easier cleanroom problem identification
  • Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol for a broader integration with third party monitoring systems
  • Large IR touchscreen for easy use
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant download
  • Interactive software guides the user through the ISO 14644-1, EC GMP Annex 1, China GMP and FS 209E room certification process
  • WiFi communication for easier data transfer and instrument control (optional)


The main applications of the Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter are given below:

  • Trend analysis
  • Manifold-compatible
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Statistical process control
  • Portable or dedicated use
  • Troubleshooting particle excursions
  • Facility certification for ISO 14644-1:1999 and 2015, China GMP, EC GMP, FS 209E

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