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The World’s Most Sensitive Particle Sensor - Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter for Purity Process Chemicals

Sensitivity range: 20 - 100 nm

The Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is considered to be the first 20 nm chemical particle counter ever to be developed in the world with a sensitivity range of 20-100 nm.

Extremely clean chemicals that are finely filtered and regulated to a particle size of 20 nm or below are needed by leading-edge microelectronic processes. As the world's most sensitive particle sensor, this new instrument is ideal for high purity process chemicals.

Comprehensive data on chemical distribution and packaging systems has established that the Chem 20 sensor, with 20 nm sensitivity, is suitable for identifying increased concentrations of particles with superior statistics over competitive products. As a valuable tool, the Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter enables process and facility engineers to rapidly identify and characterize chemical particle sources before they impact device and process performance.


The key features of the Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter are as follows:

  • On-board chemical flow meter to set sample flow
  • Low-flow detector and alarm to guarantee reliable data
  • Local data display
  • Bubble detector to protect sensor and optimize data
  • Enhanced laser optics and detectors to enable 20 nm sensitivity in chemicals
  • On-board leak detection to provide an alarm in the event of an internal chemical leak
  • First particle counter optimized for high and low high refractive index chemicals for enhanced performance:
    • Chem 20-HI sensor, customized for sulfuric acid and other higher-index chemicals
    • Chem 20 sensor, for chemicals with lower indices of refraction


The main benefits of the Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter include:

  • Supports legacy data acquisition systems with flexible communications
  • Detects 20 nm PSL and 9 nm Au particles in real time
  • Tightens process control limits through enhanced sample population statistics
  • Reacts rapidly to particle excursions, long before the availability of surface scan or yield data
  • Detects yield-limiting particles (not possible with competitive technologies)
  • Optimizes chemical delivery systems from the loading dock to point-of-process
  • Optimizes instrument operation for very clean or extremely dirty applications using two view modes, extending product application space


The key applications of the Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter are given below:

  • Performance testing of chemical handling components
  • Chemical filter performance and efficiency characterization
  • Real-time particle monitoring within chemical distribution systems
  • Chemical packaging operations monitoring
  • Point-of-process monitoring

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