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MCM-100: Ion Sputter Coater for Non-Conductive Samples

The MCM-100 is an ion sputter coater for non-conductive samples. The sputter coater applies a nano-thin layer of conductive metal thus allowing imaging at the maximum resolution and magnifications without the concern of electron charge effects.

Non-conductive samples need a nano-thin coating to prevent electron charging and improve imaging. While non-conductive samples can be imaged in Low Vacuum mode, a sputter coater is an important tool for electron microscopy to attain the maximum magnifications and best quality images. These ion sputter coaters offer super simple operation at low cost.

Two sputter coater models are available for rapidly applying an ultra-thin coating of conductive material to non-conductive samples to stop charging while under e-Beam imaging. These coaters are highly simple to use and can significantly enhance imaging resolution and sharpness. For EDS analysis, carbon coaters are normally used.


The MCM-100, the basic coater, is completely self-contained needing only electrical power. The vacuum pump is integrated internally into the system making this unique coater the most space saving and economical solution for sputter coating. The MCM-100 is the ideal coater for standard sample conductivity preparation.

  • Fast and easy coating: Press Start -> Automatic Vacuum -> Plasma Coating -> Vent
  • Coating current is user settable and displayed
  • Coating time is user settable and displayed
  • Minimal installation space needed with self-contained vacuum pump


The MCM-200 is integrated with an LCD touch-screen user interface for operation. The external vacuum pump allows faster and higher vacuum to be accomplished as compared to the MCM-100 with a higher vacuum frequently resulting in a marginally smaller coated grain size.


  MCM-100 MCM-200
Target Materials Au, Pt Au, Pt
Target Size Φ50 mm Φ50 mm
Chamber Size Φ120 mm x 65 mm Φ130 mm x 110 mm
Max Sample Size Φ50 mm Φ50 mm
Target to Sample Distance 35 mm 35 mm
Dimensions (mm) 180(W) x 310(D) x 310(H) 308(W) x 285(D) x 256(H)
Weight 15 kg 10 kg (without pump)

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