EDAX Element EDS with TEAM™ Software from NanoImages

The EDAX Element EDS with TEAM™ software is designed for simple or advanced elemental micro-analysis.

Incorporating EDS to a customer’s tabletop SEM converts it into a highly powerful analytical tool allowing various capabilities using advanced microanalysis features for elemental analysis. The EDAX TEAM™ software offers many capabilities for probing the samples composition, mapping of elements and thickness as illustrated in the screenshots and explanations below. With a conical pole piece design, the EDS signal is gathered at the optimal solid angle in contrast to other Tabletop SEM designs.


The TEAM™ software is an idealized program that assists first-time users with analysis functions for Point and Area Quantitative or Qualitative Elemental Analysis, Line Scan, Mapping, and built-in Reporting.

“Easy User Interface”

Mode for following item is automatically triggered when moving cursor. Operator can begin based on inspection settings as they want, and every process would be accomplished with “Only three time clicks” from collecting Spectrum to qualitative, quantitative analysis, and saving.

Qualitative / Quantitative Analysis

  • Able to know the element and quantity about unidentified sample within one minute
  • Get data of the area to see rapidly and easily using various scanning technique (point, area…)
  • Reliable element analysis and three types of comparison tables or charts listing elements by Atomic (at%), Weight (wt%), Error (%)
  • ZAF corrections and analysis result tables

Multi-Point Analysis

  • Mark several locations to examine in the sample by point, area or other scanning technique
  • Examine and save automatically
  • Improve reliability of analysis result by realizing four analysis conditions of selected area

High Speed Mapping

  • Examine the distribution of elements easily of samples with varied color coding
  • Get desired information in real time at low resolution or at higher resolution with minimal analysis times

Line Scan

  • Create SEM image line-scan overlap and element profile
  • Another way to check elements distribution of sample. Analyze with the line set by user and classify the distribution of each element clearly.


  • Ability to alter or edit by saving original file in MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel formats, or PDF
  • After obtaining results, reports can be produced per user requirements displaying any of the acquired data in a variety of formats

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