Park NX-Bio AFM - Powerful Nanoscale Microscopy for Life Science

A Life Scientist wants to be able to see how biological materials look like at nanoscale resolution and how soft they are in buffer and liquid conditions. The Park NX-Bio enables that with its highly acclaimed Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology and its innovative in-liquid imaging Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM).

More Powerful Physiological Study Solutions

The Park NX-Bio is a powerful 3-in-1 bio-research tool that uniquely incorporates SICM with AFM and an inverted optical microscope (IOM) on the same platform. This tool’s modular design allows Researchers to effortlessly switch between its SICM and AFM capabilities. The Park NX-Bio is considered to be the ideal tool for studying biological materials under physiological conditions as it has been designed for non-invasive in-liquid imaging. It incorporates the bio-mechanical property measurement capability of the AFM and nano imaging of the SICM in liquid, and the optical viewing of the IOM.

Easy to Use, Even for Entry Level Researchers

Users need not spend too much time for in-liquid imaging since the Park NX-Bio has automated imaging software for SICM and a user-friendly design. The fundamental setup for operation can be studied through a simple training course in just a few hours. This allows users to quickly shift their time to conducting more sophisticated research for their subjects.

Physiological Morphology Imaging for Biological Research Laboratories

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM)

  • In-liquid imaging with ease
  • Biological tissue imaging in three-dimensional (3D) structure
  • Fragile membrane morphology imaging at sub-cellular and cellular level

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

  • Force volume imaging
  • High resolution bio-imaging for single molecule with True Non-Contact™ Mode
  • Accurate FD spectroscopy control with leading low noise Z detector
  • Force-distance (FD) spectroscopy for mechanical property characterization of different bio-materials

Live Cell Chamber

  • Optimal temperature, pH, humidity control in order to maintain viable bio-activity

Reliable and Repeatable Nano Bio-imaging for Better Experimental Verification

  • Accurate depth/height analysis from 3D structure measurements
  • Non-invasive SICM to preserve naïve morphological information of soft bio-materials
  • Exceptional imaging repeatability in automatically programmed and running software

Full Integration with Inverted Optical Microscope for High Productivity

  • Advanced image overlay functions
  • Access to complete range of objective lenses up to 100x magnification
  • Bright field and phase contrast for easier sample finding
  • Integration with fluorescence and confocal microscopy

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