Angstrom Covap II Series Thin Film Deposition Systems

The Covap II series offers a compact, economical solution suitable for many process applications. Its small size will ensure you will find space in your lab and your budget.

Built to our high quality standards, the Covap II is available with closed loop co-deposition control, recipe storage and a unique clam-shell chamber for improved accessibility.

If your process requires controlled atmosphere integration, the Covap II is design ready to be built into a new or existing glovebox.

The Covap II system has an intelligently designed control interface allowing new users to quickly become independent operators.

Using a Sigma Instruments 300 series deposition controller allows a wide range of materials to be precisely controlled. Your process can be created and stored within the recipe controller and re-called when needed at a later date. Simply load your stored receipe and select start to create your repeatable thin film.

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