Angstrom Nexdep Series Thin Film Evaporators

All Nexdep systems can be built to your needs with custom flexibility, in a compact footprint and at an economical price.

Whether your process requires resistive evaporation, sputter deposition or electron beam evaporation, the Nexdep is highly capable.

With its large, hinged front door, working with and cleaning the machine couldn't be easier.

Using Sigma Instruments 300 series deposition controllers provides a control platform capable of building and executing advanced deposition recipes while maintaining precise and repeatable process control.

Some key capabilities of the Nexdep machine are:

  • Automatic PID controlled deposition processes
  • Advanced recipe structure allows complex multilayer films to be deposited at the push of a button
  • Well designed interface with intuitive controls
  • Customizable substrate fixturing
  • Advanced process enhancement capabilities including heating, cooling and biasing are available
  • 600mm x 1000mm system footprint
  • 400mm diameter x 475mm tall vacuum chamber with large front door

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