Angstrom EvoVac Series Thin Film Deposition Systems

The next evolution in vacuum thin film deposition technology is here! EvoVac deposition systems are designed specifically to meet the demands of next generation research applications.

The modular design of the EvoVac will enable you to configure a system that has the flexibility to change along with your research. The base configuration of an EvoVac consists of two main sections, a standard 19" electrical control rack and a frame to support deposition sources, the high vacuum chamber and the PLC electronics.

The unique design of the EvoVac chamber enables glove box integration similar to our Amod Series. With an optional glove box an EvoVac system is perfectly suited for larger scale laboratory research applications highly sensitive to atmospheric conditions.

EvoVac systems are capable of combining multiple thin film deposition sources, using up to ten thermal evaporation sources, electron beam evaporation, or four magnetron sputtering targets.

EvoVac Series Standard System Features

EvoVac thin film deposition systems offer a powerful package at a competitive price and can be shipped from our facility in as little as 16 weeks. Extensive flexibility and modular component combinations make the EvoVac a perfect solution for unique research environments or a multiple system installation. The following information details the system features included in every EvoVac series base system.

  • Universal 26" x 19" Base Flange
  • Separate Electrical Enclosure and Base Module Frame
  • Austin Scientific 1500 L/s Cryogenic Pumping Package
  • Cryopump Monitor with Digital Readout and Dual Setpoints
  • 18 cfm Rotary Vane Mechanical Pump with Mist Eliminator
  • 4U Rack-Mount PC Control Computer
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro Operating System
  • Windows Based SCADA - PLC Control Interface Software with Auto-Sequence & Manual Mode System Operation Through a Schematically Based Real Time Interface
  • 17" LCD Monitor with Keyboard and Mouse
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Control Valving
  • Full-Range Vacuum Pressure Gauging
  • Omron PLC and Electronic Control Modules
  • Field Evaluated to Meet CSA SPE-1000 Certification

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