Frequency Controlled Rotary Motor and Vibration-Control – The Rotary Sample Divider

The HMK-2001 Rotary Sample Divider is a type of sample spinner or sample divider, which uses a frequency controlled rotary motor and a vibration-controlled device in order to improve the sampling.

The HMK-2001 is far superior when compared to the standard manual splitter. It can be widely used in lab powder analysis applications. It is presently one of the most frequently used representative sampling instruments in a number of sectors.

The HMK-2001 Rotary Sample Divider is considered to be a sample splitting tool prior to further analysis of dry powder in the laboratory. It can rapidly, effectively and automatically split the samples to be tested into 6 or 8 equal shares; each share comprises of the representation of the original sample.


The Rotating sample divider is made up of many parts including the sample receiver, vibration feeder, control panel and sample cleaning device. The control panel is available with a vibration feeder panel and a receiver sample panel. The vibration feeder panel is made up of a vibration feeder power switch and a vibrating feeder amplitude speed control knob.

A sample receiver panel in the system comprises of a power switch and high, low and medium key of rotation speed and also a stepless adjustable plus and minus key. The vibration feeder consists of vibrating base and sample pool. The sample receiver is made up of composite funnel, tube clip, and six or eight tubes. The sample cleaning device has a cleaning brush and holder.

Key Features

  • Accurate splitting of the existing samples through the automatic adjusting of the rotational speed and amplitude
  • Automatic sampling can be performed under the control of LED panel
  • Automatically alter the rotation speed of sample receiver under the control of LED panel
  • Automatically adjust the amplitude of the vibrating feeder under the control of LED panel
HMK-2001 Rotary Sample Divider Splitter and Riffler Price and China Manufacturers

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